This exclusive Lykke Li interview was conducted by The Future Tense as part of the ON/OFF project.

Details of ON/OFF can be found here and a full list of featured interviews can be found here.

Each artist was asked the same series of questions relating to the live music experience, before being photographed just before and again immediately after performing.

Artist: Lykke Li

Interviewee: Lykke Li

Venue: Heaven, London

Date: November 4th 2010

What is your most memorable live moment as a fan?

I saw a seated gig by Leonard Cohen at the Nokia Theatre in LA, and you could really feel that the whole audience had a connection to his songs. It was full of couples holding hands and crying!

What is your most memorable live moment as a performer?

Another one in LA actually, it was a huge church building, the Masonic lodge I think. Definitely a really interesting place to play.

Have you had any disasters on stage?

We have one disaster a day almost! One time in San Francisco the crowd threw some skinny hipster dude on stage like a little golden cannonball! Unfortunately for him the security yanked him back off again and nearly broke his neck!

Do you have any live performance aspirations?

There’s a world music festival in Africa that I’d love to play at. I like playing outside, it’s often a deeper connection than say in a big city with people having a few drinks and hanging out after work.

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