This exclusive Local Natives interview was conducted by The Future Tense as part of the ON/OFF project.

Details of ON/OFF can be found here and a full list of featured interviews can be found here.

Each artist was asked the same series of questions relating to the live music experience, before being photographed just before and again immediately after performing.

Band: Local Natives

Interviewee: All

Venue: The Forum, London

Date: November 23rd 2010

What is your most memorable live moment as a fan?

We played Latitude Festival in 2009, and seeing Thom Yorke on his own on the main stage doing a stripped down performance was unreal. Seeing someone enjoying what they are doing still after so long, it was just a really genuine experience and very inspiring.

What is your most memorable live moment as a performer?

The best ones are always where you least expect it. When you play in renowned cities or venues, it naturally comes with a certain amount of expectation as to the audience and reaction, and it’s nice to be surprised. A good example is the first time we played Atlanta, Georgia. We’d never been there before, and really didn’t know what to expect, but it totally sold out! The crowd was probably the most energetic and enthusiastic crowd I’ve ever played – genuinely so excited to see us play and knew all the words. The feeling and the vibe there that night was like nothing I’d ever experienced before.

Have you had any disasters on stage?

Nothing too insane actually. We got pretty much thrown off stage once for going over our allotted set time for reasons beyond our control. That was a pretty jarring experience as an artist, and the crowd weren’t too happy either.

Do you have any live performance aspirations?

It’s always great to go to new places. Australia is somewhere we’ve always wanted to play and we get to go there in January 2010, so that’s pretty exciting.

Any pre/post performance rituals?

Everyone has their own individual rituals, like a type of tea they drink before going on stage. A couple of the guys started doing yoga beforehand. Our stage performance is so energetic, it really helps just to properly relax before. We also have the obligatory group huddle just before walking on stage, which feels really weird now if we don’t do it!

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