This exclusive Everything Everything interview was conducted by The Future Tense as part of the ON/OFF project.

Details of ON/OFF can be found here and a full list of featured interviews can be found here.

Each artist was asked the same series of questions relating to the live music experience, before being photographed just before and again immediately after performing.

Band: Everything Everything

Interviewee: Jonathan Higgs (singer)

Venue: The Barfly, London

Date: September 2nd 2010

What is your most memorable live moment as a fan?

Playing the Union Chapel with a string quintet on an acoustic-only bill was extremely special. We rearranged all of the songs to be played with the strings. Combined with the church setting it created an amazing atmosphere and so different to our usual performances.

What is your most memorable live moment as a performer?

We’ve always been big fans of Dirty Projectors but their performance at T in the Park was shockingly good. We spend a lot of time thinking about the technical arrangement of our performance but when you see a band where you just think ‘how the heck are they doing that’ it’s really exciting.

Have you had any disasters on stage?

Playing Ibiza Rocks was kind of like when you have one of those dreams where you’re naked at school and everyone is laughing at you. Unfortunately the keyboard didn’t work right from the start and I spent the entire first song crouched over my laptop trying to get everything working. It was always going to be a dodgy gig!

Do you have any live performance aspirations?

I’ve heard about some crazy festival in the middle of the desert in Spain, or maybe somewhere exotic in South America or a huge Roman Colosseum.

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