Regular The Future Tense collaborator Lee Baker has just launched SKIP Gallery alongside conceptual artist Catherine Borowski. The proejct takes notions of both the pop up and mobile art space to a unique and unusual level by re-purposing the simple skip.

SKIP Gallery will feature site-specific installations in a specially modified 8-yard skip, which will be installed in locations across London and the UK. Utilising the limitations or manipulating the skip’s size, shape, position, weight, material, colour etc the space will act as a disruptive environment to inspire discourse. This is a new type of mobile arts space, presenting an alternative to the conventional routes to art, for both artists and viewers.

There will be four SKIP Gallery shows this year, starting with ‘Na, I Don’t Want None of That Again’ – a joint effort by the two founders responding to notions of mothers and motherhood – and in particular to Catherine’s personal experience.

While undertaking the Islamic pilgrimage known as the Hajj to Mecca, Borowski’s mother – who had then taken the Islamic name Aliyah – died in unexplained circumstances. As the Saudi government bars all non-Muslims from visiting Mecca, Borowski is not able to visit her mother’s grave. All she has is a scrap of paper with handwritten co-ordinates to her grave.

The installation uses the skip as a marker, casting a shadow over hundreds of spindles, marking both the shadow of Catherine’s mother’s death, and referencing unmarked graves. The spindles are no more than 19cm high, taking reference from the Islamic tradition of graves being no more than a hand’s height.

Within the skip, work by Lee Baker references the theme of maternal love, rebirth and serendipity. Lee’s mother, an Iranian Muslim, took on the mantle of grandmother to Catherine’s son upon hearing of Aliyah’s death.

SKIP Gallery is open in London’s Hoxton Square until Sunday April 2nd.


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