Curated by The Future Tense and held at the Goss-Michael Foundation in Dallas, The Space Between is the second major solo show by Adam Ball in the city and sees the debut of a series of new and highly anticipated works across a range of different mediums

Expanding on previous themes, The Space Between sees Ball working with a new sense of scale and urgency as he confronts mankind’s inexorable desire for progress. Through an intensive process of layering and combining source material including lab-produced slides of his own DNA, man-made mechanical parts and images from the natural world, the artist has created his own unique visual language – at once abstract yet somehow instinctively familiar.

With recent advances in genetic modification, nanotechnology and biomechanical augmentation illustrating the increasing influence of science over nature, Ball is careful not to make judgments, but rather to envisage these possibilities and interactions. His work is informed both by the imagined aesthetic implications, as well as the ability of artists to play an uncensored role as creator and commentator.

Adam Ball said, ‘whilst researching this body of work I was struck both by the way many of the building blocks of life – be they natural or man made – could be distilled to simple motifs, and how by playing with context and scale, everything can conceivably be interchangeable. By choosing how to layer, combine and modify these technically incompatible images, and by working predominately in charcoal and on a large scale, I found I could respond almost instinctively, blurring the boundaries between laboratory, studio and gallery.’

To mark the opening of The Space Between, The Future Tense will also publish The Living Other – the first etching
edition by the artist, produced in conjunction with Pete Kosowicz of Thumbprint Editions. Measuring 37 x 40 inches,
The Living Other is a photopolymer gravure etching in a signed edition of 20 plus 6 A/P’s.

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