The Future Tense is pleased to present Mark Andrew Webber: FORM, a five-part study of line and form by the award-winning British artist.

FORM is the result of several years of experimentation by the artist with geometric line drawing and consists of a series of beautifully conceived mini-studies, each using a different set of specific rules in order to create both deceptively simple and seemingly impossible shapes and patterns. FORM sees Webber continuing to push the boundaries of linocut carving and printing, with the intricate nature of the works showing his clear mastery of this painstaking art form.

Published exclusively by The Future Tense to mark the launch of Webber’s solo show, Wonderlust, FORM consists of a series of five beautifully presented, hand-finished archival box sets, each containing six different hand-printed, signed and numbered works by the artist in a limited run of 100.

In an attempt to explore the concept of FORM beyond the visual aesthetic, a specially commissioned essay by Steven Poole accompanies each box set, discussing different aspects and mechanics of form and emergent complexity. The essay can also be found here.

Steven Poole – author of books including Trigger Happy and Unspeak – writes for various publications including The Guardian, The Independent, New Statesman, The Times Literary Supplement and monthly videogame industry bible, Edge.

Mark Andrew Webber said, ‘I’ve had a lifelong fascination with complexity and rules, and find simplicity very hard to rationalise. FORM is a natural extrapolation of that, using simple shapes and rules as a basis and seeing what forms they create. None of these studies were pre-formed, rehearsed or sanitised in any way. What you see is what you get.’

Mark Andrew Webber: FORM is also available in a limited number of complete sets with matching edition numbers. Please contact us for more details.

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