Born in London, Bristol-based Jamie Shaw had a nomadic upbringing, spreading his time across a number of European cities including Leiden, Holland where he worked as a boat painter. His artistic output calls upon his experiences with non-traditional substrates, and also with nature.

Having traveled largely by train, his depictions of natural forms are instinctively abstracted; memories of environments in a constant state of flux. Trees, mountains, clouds and oceans shifting in and out of substance. This visual narrative translates directly to his paintings, where strong structural forms dissolve into simple marks of paint, changing the viewer’s perception from object, to image, to a mere suggestion of form and colour.

Away from nature and the physical world, Jamie Shaw also explores the relationship between perception and differing states of consciousness. Music in particular has become essential to stimulate the immediacy of his painting, and the expression of rhythm and tone manifests itself clearly in his work.

Aside from painting, Jamie Shaw has also been involved in a number of collaborative art projects including establishing a Brighton exhibition space, where he curated a dozen shows over a 10-month period, as well as co-editing several magazines. He is also heavily engaged in experimenting with different aspects of writing, photography, film and music around his core painting practice, including 3D projection mapping and live A/V mixing.

Collaborative projects include creating the album cover for ‘Versions of Joanna’ – an album of Joanna Newsom covers for the benefit of Oxfam America, featuring singers such as Billy Bragg and Owen Pallett (also published as an edition by The Future Tense) – and an innovative live performance in conjunction with Courvoisier and cellist Peter Gregson where each person reacted spontaneously to the others work in real-time.

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