Born in 1978, Haroshi is a self-taught Japanese artist, currently based in Tokyo. He creates full-scale, three-dimensional, wooden sculptures with used skateboard decks.

As a passionate skater from his early teens to present, Haroshi possesses a thorough knowledge of the anatomy of a skateboard and all of its parts including the deck, trucks and wheels. He often scavenges, collecting broken skateboards to recycle the parts and use in his work.

With no formal art training, Haroshi has adapted the determined perseverance and DIY ethos of skate culture, into creating works of art. Haroshi’s relationship with his artwork is the same with his skateboards—they are his life, his vehicle for communication and expression.

Recently commissioned by NIKE CEO Mark Parker, Haroshi re-created a pair of SB Dunk sneakers with incredible detail and accuracy, made from decks used by several different NIKE pro-skaters — the work was featured in his debut solo exhibition in the United States, Future Primitive at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York City.


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